INTO Asks: Are Straight People Okay?

Listen, we here at INTO don’t want to come off as judgmental. We’re just concerned, is all. So we’re checking in: Hey, straight people, are you okay?

In this new video, our panelists gather to check in with heterosexuals and make sure they’re doing all right. Judging by some of their social media posts, the answer is a resounding no! For example, take this tweet:

“Is he your child, or is he your boyfriend?” panelist Bella Ja Ja asks. If we’re having to ask, you understand why we’re concerned!

Watch the full video below.

Tips on Getting Healthy for the New Year from Mina Gerges

In 2019, we are aiming to be healthy and in shape — and body positivity advocate Mina Gerges is here to help us out.

Gerges, a proud proponent of loving the skin that you’re in, joined INTO for a video to talk about how you can be happy and healthy in 2019. The goal isn’t to look like the Instagays that fill your Explore tab, but to get to a place where you really love your body.

“Let’s get to the point where thinking about our body isn’t the only thing that we do,” Gerges says. Amen to that!

In the video, Gerges shares tips for getting to a healthy place in the new year. Watch the full thing below.

The Hoodwitch Shares Her Advice and Wisdom for 2019

As we head into 2019, wouldn’t you feel better about the upcoming year if you knew a bit of what to expect? Say, if you had some advice from the supernatural?

The Hoodwitch, a sorceress otherwise known as Bri Luna, markets both a store and community online, selling what she calls “everyday magic for the modern mystic.” She joined with INTO and Refinery29 to offer some wisdom headed into the last year of the ’10s. 

Among the advice she gives: avoid stagnancy in 2019. “If you are a creative person, and you are feeling very blocked, I always say: solitude,” she says in the new video. “Go into nature, unplug, disconnect from the things that make you feel inferior. Do something that will change the energy, and shift it.”

For more of her advice, and to learn more about the Hoodwitch (both person and brand), watch the video below.

‘The Kiki’ Season Finale Questions: Should RuPaul Keep Hosting ‘Drag Race’?

“Does RuPaul’s Drag Race need RuPaul?”

It’s a question that pops up every time RuPaul gets into any kind of hot water, be it fighting with The Vixen on the most recent reunion, or when Pearl’s comments about Ru’s “Nothing you say matters unless those cameras are rolling” directive went viral. Most prominently, the question came up after Ru said he’d not allow transitioning queens onto Drag Race in his infamous interview with The Guardian.

Yet through all of this, 10 years later, RuPaul is still queen of her empire. That doesn’t stop people from still questioning what a potential future Drag Race without RuPaul looks like, though.

In the season finale episode of The Kiki, hosts Kevin O’Keeffe and Mathew Rodriguez break down the arguments both for and against RuPaul staying the host of Drag Race, and evaluate potential other hosts should Mother ever choose to step down. (Shangela’s Drag Race, anyone?)

Watch the full season finale episode below. To keep up with The Kiki off-season, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and like us on Facebook.

Couple Kiana and Jasmin Share Their Love Story in ‘Queer Love’ Episode 3

Love and poetry have long gone hand in hand in history, with the latter being a superior way to express the former. For Kiana, one of the subjects of this week’s episode of Queer Love, poetry is part of her art. But it’s also deeply present in the way they talks about their partner.

The full-time teacher and part-time drag king speaks about their event planner girlfriend, Jasmin, reads some of their poetry in the episode, but even the couple’s conversations have a poetic rhythm to them. They’re honest about the difficulty of love, but so visibly deeply in the throes of it, too.

Kiana and Jasmin

Anything we could say would feel insufficient next to Kiana and Jasmin’s words, to be frank. Their description of each other is rooted in such emotion, and such power, that we can do nothing but urge you to watch the full new episode below.

Missed the first two installments of Queer Love? Catch up on the series below.

Which ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Guest Judge Is the Best?

If only Judy can judge you, then call us your good Judies. Because The Kiki is here to judge some judges.

In this week’s episode of The Kiki — the penultimate episode of the season! — hosts Kevin O’Keeffe and Mathew Rodriguez dissect the tenures of RuPaul’s Drag Race‘s seven regular judges. Up for examination: Merle Ginsburg, Santino Rice, Michelle Visage, Billy B., Ross Mathews, Carson Kressley, and Todrick Hall. In the video, the hosts even rank them all — using RuPuns, naturally.

The Kiki also gets into how the changing in the judging panel has changed the show itself. What started as a looks-focused series has evolved into more of a performance-based one. You can thank Visage and Mathews for that.

In addition, the hosts get into why Hall is a misfit as a Drag Race judge, the reason why Visage didn’t come on until season 3, and how Mathews and Kressley’s previous TV experience informs their individual approaches to judging.

Watch the full episode below.

Couple Mark and Rey Talk About Falling in Love at First Sight in ‘Queer Love’ Episode 2

Romeo saw Juliet from below her balcony. Mark and Rey saw each other on Instagram.

The latter may sound less romantic when you put it that way. But if there’s one thing we know about love in the 21st century — particularly queer love — it’s that it can happen anywhere. And watching personal trainer Mark and actor Rey speak about each other and interact in this week’s episode of Queer Love makes it clear: these guys are head over heels.

It may never have happened, though, if Rey hadn’t been brave enough to reach out first via DM. They hung out shortly after, but it didn’t take long for their connection to become permanent.

In the second episode of Queer Love, Mark and Rey give us the details on how they fell in love — including a connection through eyesight that couldn’t be ignored.

Watch the full video below.

And if you missed the first episode of Queer Love, featuring girlfriends Cairo and Aminah, you can catch up by watching it below.

Trans Women Have Something to Say to Victoria’s Secret After the Company’s Anti-Trans Sentiments

Trans women heard the recent comments made by Victoria’s Secret fashion show executive Ed Razek about trans and plus-size models. They have something to say in response — and recreated a Victoria’s Secret campaign to clap back.

Prior to taping the 2018 show in early November, chief marketing officer Ed Razek responded to a Vogue interview question about the company’s position on including trans and plus-size models in their annual marquee fashion show. Razek’s response, which contained offensive and outdated language, revealed models of size and trans experience are not considered part of the “fantasy” Victoria’s Secret is interested in selling.

INTO invited nine trans women to recreate a Victoria’s Secret campaign, and asked them to share how the Victoria’s Secret’s statement affected them, why the fantasy can’t exist without them, and what makes each woman feel strong, sexy, and powerful out in the world.

Trans supermodel Arisce Wanzer offered this: “Recognizing everything that I’ve done for myself, that’s when I feel the most powerful. I worked really hard to be the person I am. I am living my fantasy.”

Watch the video below.

Photos by Alex Schmider

How Do You Win ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’? The Kiki Investigates

It’s no secret that The Kiki, INTO‘s RuPaul’s Drag Race analysis series, loves to talk about Aquaria. She’s something of a Drag Race nerd’s dream, what with her mind for strategy and near-flawless gameplay.

In fact, if you look at Aquaria’s game, you can get a pretty good sense of how to win Drag Race in the modern day. It’s about branding, versatility, and being able to properly communicate who you are to RuPaul and the judges. So for this week’s episode of The Kiki, hosts Kevin O’Keeffe and Mathew Rodriguez dive deep on the particulars of her game that any up-and-coming Drag Race contestant should take to heart if they want a prayer of taking home the crown.

In addition to Aquaria, though, the hosts get into Alaska’s All Stars 2 game — and how it drastically differed from her season 5 game — as well as Sasha Velour’s impressive handling of a curveball in season 9. They also connect the dots and find common threads among all three of the queens’ performances to figure out the essentials for a strong run on Drag Race.

Watch the full video below.