‘We the Animals’ Author Justin Torres Talks Taking Story from Book to Film

Justin Torres didn’t want to have a huge voice in the film adaptation of his acclaimed novel We the Animals. He had never been on a movie set and didn’t exactly know what adapting his book might look like. But after meeting the film’s eventual director Jeremiah Zagar, Torres became a part of the film’s creative force, joining the crew during the casting process and even returning to his childhood stomping grounds to see the scenes acted out.

“If the book was gonna be adapted, it was so much more important to me that it be a work of art,” Torres says of the filming process in a featurette about the adaptation premiering exclusively on INTO. “It’s been such a long experience, but it’s been quite a profound experience.”

He added, “I couldn’t imagine a better adaptation than the way it comes out in the film.”

Here’s the Captain America and Bucky Romance We Deserve — In ‘The Sims 4’

If you’re as invested in general faggotry as I am, then at one point you’ve considered that perhaps everyone in The Avengers is gay. Except Hawkeye. But I am not Joss Whedon — nor am I a Marvel executive who has even one iota of power to suggest that Captain America and Bucky Barnes finally admit their bisexuality and go to poundtown.

To accomplish that goal, INTO decided to have me sit down and make Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes go full on Sammi and Ron and live together in a house until they can’t help the sexual tension any more.

It turned out to be fun, but not that hard. Except for the fact that when the Rogers-Barnes’s moved in, their neighbors showed up like fruit flies on the Trader Joe’s apples I bought and swore I’d eat before they rotted. (I deemed a red-haired neighbor who showed up unannounced “Black Widow.”)

It’s kinda fun to see what Sims talk about when they’re flirting. Steve was talking about a police car, which I hoped was to bring up our nation’s problem with police brutality and Bucky responded by talking about … cupcakes. Honestly, same.

After that, their courtship followed a totally normal, masc4masc trajectory. Captain America sexy posed for Bucky, the two had a first kiss by a lamp and then Steve had the sudden urge to use the restroom.

And hey, they even flirt by gossipping about babies, which is great because not all babies are cute!

I won’t say whether or not they get down to business — watch the video to find out — but I do go into a bunch of theories about topping and bottoming between the two.

And if there are two lessons I can impart on you after all this, it’s that the forced heterosexuality of the Captain America films is silly and don’t sleep with someone who does push ups after sex.

Pillowtalk Ep 4: James Butler Doesn’t Want You To Think He’s A Ho

Dancer/model/actor and YouTube star James Butler has a young gay following across the globe, and he wants them to feel comfortable getting tested. 

But in a Pillow Talk session with host Jen Richards, Butler admits that he had specific fears attached to getting tested himself. He worried that if a fan saw him in the waiting room, “They’d think: ‘Oh my god, my favorite YouTuber is a ho!'” But he quickly recognized that the more likely sentiment is: “‘Oh, my favorite YouTuber cares about himself and wants to be responsible, healthy, and safe.'”

Why Pokémon Are Queer

There were 151 original Pokémon when the game first debuted in the late 1990s. But we all know the real question on your mind — how many of the Pokémon are totally, indisputably, canonically queer?

In this video, two of INTO’s very own take a closer look at some of your favorite little monsters and ask the tough questions. Is Pikachu gay? Is Squirtle dealing with toxic masculinity? Is Jigglypuff actually Kurt from Glee?

Pillow Talk: Celebrity Hairstylist Eric Leonardos on Taking Responsibility for Your Health

In the first installment of Pillow Talk, hairstylist/makeup artist/activist Eric Leonardos tells host Jen Richards about his decision to take treatment for HIV, and getting to undetectable status. To those afraid of getting tested, he says: “Get over it. If you’re going to be sexually active, you owe it to yourself and to another person to be responsible for your own health care.”

With products from Gilead, Leonardos says, “You can still be and have and live and do all the things that you ever wanted before you were HIV positive.”

Donald Trump Loses the Lip Sync For His Life to ‘God Bless America’

Someone tell Donald Trump to sashay away.


Tuesday afternoon, president Donald Trump appeared in a patriotic White House ceremony meant to replace a reception celebrating the Super Bowl-winning Philadelphia Eagles. Trump previously canceled the event via Twitter. Trump claimed the disinvitation sprouted from the fact that not all the Eagles would be attending but, in a racist dog whistle, also accused the players of not respecting the military for kneeling during the national anthem.

Along with the cancellation, Trump scheduled a patriotic shindig meant to honor the troops. However, during the ceremony, Trump’s patriotism didn’t shine through. During the ceremony, Trump joined members of the military onstage to sing “God Bless America.” However, Trump pulled a Valentina and … didn’t know the words.

Trans Drag Queens Make Drag Better

While at RuPaul’s DragCon in L.A., INTO asked several of the show’s most beloved contestants (past and present) what they believe trans queens contribute to drag. As Aja opens with, “I think they contribute the drag to drag.”