Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group Thinks Christians Shouldn’t Allow Gay People to Teach Their Kids

An anti-LGBTQ hate group in Illinois is calling on Christian parents to pull their children out of school if their child has a gay teacher.

Laurie Higgins, a writer and self-described cultural analyst for the Illinois Family Institute, denounced the presence of LGBTQ people in the classroom in a Wednesday op-ed posted to the organization’s website.

“Christian parents should not allow their children to be trained up by adults who don’t recognize and respect the immutability and profound meaning of sexual differentiation,” Higgins writes. “Christian parents should not allow their children to be trained up by adults who believe that inclusivity and compassion demand the affirmation of sexual perversion or confusion or the relinquishment of physical privacy.”

The writer calls out a number of LGBTQ teachers by name, claiming that these individuals use the classroom to push their agenda.

Higgins singles out a teacher (whose name will be excised from this story) at Illinois’ Deerfield High School for posting a link to an article from the U.K. website Pink News on Donald Trump’s appearance at the October Values Voter Summit. That event, a who’s-who of the country’s most homophobic figures, is sponsored by the anti-LGBTQ Family Research Institute.

“Why isn’t this the lead story on national news?” the gay teacher wrote. “[Trump] endorses this hate group and supports legalized discrimination. Horrific.”

“[The] government employee posted his feckless, pernicious comment on his Facebook page where anyone with a Facebook account can see it, including former, current, and future students,” Higgins responded. “Presumably some of them are theologically orthodox young people.”

Higgins also criticizes the professor for teaching an essay by Tony Kushner, the Pultizer Prize-winning playwright behind Angels in America, in the classroom.

The conservative commentator further takes aim at a gay teacher at Oak Park and River Forest High School for circulating a meme in which former president George W. Bush is compared to a chimpanzee. The graphic was called “Evolutionary Theory.” She also claims that the lecturer has posted photos of Che Guevara and Karl Marx to his “official school web page.”

Higgins also criticizes Peoria’s Public School District 150 for inviting a speaker from Central Illinois Pride Health Center to give a presentation to students on LGBTQ inclusion. Entitled “Sexual Orientation and Gender Stereotypes,” the talk was given to 8th graders.

“What is never discussed in the lesson is whether the beliefs of the ‘LGBTQ’ community are objectively true or good,” she says, referring to the training as “infamous.”

The right-wing writer also calls the Pride Center employee, who identifies as a transgender man, a “lesbian who masquerades as a man and is ‘married’ to a woman.” Throughout her op-ed, Higgins repeatedly refers to same-sex unions as “marriage” in quotation marks, indicating her belief that marriage equality is counterfeit.

She even labels the Oak Park professor’s relationship “faux-marriage.”

Calling LGBTQ teachers “taxpayer-subsidized propagandists,” Higgins believes that she has a solution to the problem: Christians should have their own schools.

“Churches must begin today to create affordable schools for their church families,” she writes, writing that private education is out of reach for many couples with children. “Churches should view the education of children in their flocks as a mission field, with mission funds going toward making disciples of them.”

She adds that “no matter how nice they are,” LGBTQ teachers “cannot properly educate children.”

Higgins ends by stating that keeping kids enrolled in public schools amounts to flesh-eating. “Churches should start the recovery and rebuilding project now,” she says. “We’re very late. Some of our children are cannibals.”

The Illinois Family Institute, which is based in Carol Stream, has been labeled a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. On its website, the organization calls for the repeal of all laws offering nondiscrimination protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The IFI also opposes children being adopted by same-sex couples, as well as LGBTQ-inclusive hate crime laws.

Terms like “gender identity” and “transgender” are also referred to in quotation marks.

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Nicki Minaj and Cardi B Are on a Track Together But Unfortunately It’s a Migos Track

What did they do? That.

Rappers Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, who people keep trying to make beef with each other, have finally come together on the same track. Both women are featured on the new single from Migos, the rap group with a homophobic past.

The track, “Motor Sport,” is a trap banger and features Cardi declaring herself to be the “trap Selena” while Nicki boasts, “My crown won’t fit on your bum-ass lacefronts.”

Twitter was 100% liviiiing for the track.

You can check out the new track below. If you want to skip over Migos and go straight to Cardi and Nicki’s parts, Cardi is from 2:05 – 2:47 and Nicki is from 3:15 – 4:25.

Witch, Please: Halloween Gaymojis are Here to Slay

The polite pumpkin and good-natured ghost emojis aren’t going to cut it this year.

We need sass. We need attitude. We need basic witches, shook skeletons, and ghosts who ghost. Grim reapers with their hands on their hips and sugar daddies slinging serious cane. Bats that like to “hang” and vampires who are thirsty AF. And now, we’ve got them.

The Halloween Gaymoji pack is livecheck out all 27 on Grindr now, or download the free Gaymoji app here.

This Dragula Makeup Transformation Is Iconic


She’s not the “World’s First Drag Supermonster” for nothing.

Ever since winning season one of the Boulet Brothers’ DRAGULA supermonster competition last year, Vander Von Odd (@vandervonodd) has been serving up a nonstop hit parade of next-level makeup monstrosity.

She stopped by INTO recently to drop a little bit of face-beating knowledge with her signature take on the classic Dracula look, and we’re literally dead. Check it out above and get your afterlife.

‘It Will Pass’: Egypt Set to Enact One of the World’s Most Extreme Anti-LGBTQ Laws

Egypt is set to enact one of the world’s most sweeping and extreme pieces of anti-LGBTQ legislation following a harsh crackdown on the local queer community.

On Wednesday, member of parliament Ryad Abdel Sattar introduced a bill that would criminalize homosexuality in the North African nation, where sodomy isn’t prohibited current under law. Being found guilty for engaging in “perverted sexual relations” results in a one- to three-year prison sentence. Any subsequent conviction means five years behind bars.

But the legislation goes much further than that. Similar to Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law, the bill attempts to totally extinguish LGBTQ life in Egypt.

“Individuals that incite same sex relations even if they don’t perform the act itself, will be punished to prison for a period no less than one year and no more than three years, as well as shutting down the venue,” the bill reads, specifically calling out spaces that “host” or “facilitate” LGBTQ events.

Multiple violations of the law, as in the prohibition against sodomy, entail a five-year sentence.

The law also targets any media, whether audio or video, which is viewed as promoting homosexuality. Egypt’s Supreme Council for Media Regulation banned any mention of LGBTQ issues in news, radio, or television broadcasts earlier this month, unless the subject of discussion is repentance for sin. The bill’s ban on media promotion would likely function similarly, blocking any remotely positive mention of queer people.

Anyone found guilty of circulating pro-LGBTQ propaganda will recieve a punishment of up to three years in jail, even if they aren’t queer or transgender.

Lastly, the extremely broad law prohibits Egyptians from carrying “any symbol or sign of the LGBTQ community,” a clear response to the hoisting of a rainbow Pride flag at a Mashrou’ Leila concert last month. The legislation also states that it’s illegal to “produce, sell, market, or promote such products.” Any violation results in a prison sentence of between one and three years.

The law was proposed following a series of arrests in Egypt, as police target LGBTQ people in an unprecedented siege on the local community. More than 70 people have been jailed following the Sept. 22 music festival. Many of those detained were straight, and some remain in prison.

LGBTQ activists tell INTO that the legislation, which is likely to go into effect, will only lead to further attacks on queer people.

“The legislation will pass the parliament by a vast majority,” says Hafez, an Egyptian activist based in the United States, in a phone interview. “I don’t think anyone will vote against it. It’s going to be disastrous. It not only targets LGBTQ people, but it also targets people that are allied to the cause and support us.”

“We will be seeing many, many more arrests than we’ve seen before,” he predicts.

What makes the law so unprecedented, Hafez says, is that the legislation is a “hybrid” of many other anti-LGBTQ bills. It acts an addendum strengthening Egypt’s 1961 law on “debauchery,” a once outdated civil code that has recently been used to target sex work, as well as any public behavior the government doesn’t agree with.

The parallels to Russia’s 2013 law on “homosexual propaganda” offer a chilling warning to the LGBTQ community in Egypt.

That law, which prohibits the spread of information on “nontraditional sexual relationships” to minors, has led to an epidemic of hate crimes in the Eurasian country. Since the legislation was enacted by the Duma four years ago, numerous gay men have been kidnapped, beaten, and tortured. Their attackers frequently broadcast the victims’ humiliation on YouTube to publicly shame them.

Egypt’s law is arguably more broad than the Russian legislation.

The severity with which Egyptian authorities are lashing out at LGBTQ people is no accident, Hafez explains. The country’s military dictatorship once relied on the Muslim Brotherhood as a scapegoat, but after the Sunni Islamist group lost political power, they’re no longer a credible patsy.

“The government needs to keep that flame of hatred directed toward a group,” Hafez says. “The easiest target is the LGBTQ community. They’re weak, not organized, and in hidinga lot of people are not out.”

And the government, he adds, can count on immediate support from the conservative public in cracking down on LGBTQ people.

Queer and trans citizens have reportedly been leaving the country in droves following Egypt’s embrace of fundamentalism. The nation is no longer safe for LGBTQ individuals, Hafez says. Many have been changing their Facebook names and unfriending other members of the community in order to avoid being targeted on social media.

“People are terrified,” Hafez claims. “They’re going underground.”

As the campaign against LGBTQ people escalates, advocates are calling on foreign nations to take action. Although Hafez argues that the proposed anti-gay law is a “clear violation” of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, few member countries have challenged the crackdown. French President Emmanuel Macron recently claimed that he refused to “lecture” Egypt on LGBTQ rights.

A failure to oppose the proposed law, Hafez claims, will only allow the spread of violent homophobia in the Arab world.

“Egypt is a very influential country in the region,” he says. “Countries that are identical socially but don’t have anti-LGBTQ lawslike Jordan, Iraq, and Libyawill follow in their footsteps. It will give legitimacy to any crackdown in the region.”

“We need to stand together in this,” Hafez adds. “Today it could be Egypt, and tomorrow it could be somewhere else.”

Photography: Mostafa El Shemy/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Tatiana Maslany And More Join The Cast Of Ryan Murphy’s ‘Pose’

Tatiana Maslany’s ready to strike a Pose.

Deadline reports that the star of BBC America’s Orphan Black, who won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series back in 2016, has been cast in Ryan Murphy’s Pose, an upcoming FX drama series set in a subcultural cross-section of New York in the 1980s.

Maslany will play “a modern dance teacher who takes a special interest in the talent of Damon,” played by previously announced cast member Ryan Jamaal Swain. Their dance sequences will be choreographed by Ryan Heffington, aka Your Mustache Boyfriend of “Chandelier” and The OA fame.

Tatiana’s not the only newly announced addition to the cast. Kate Mara from House of Cards and longtime Ryan Murphy fave Evan Peters will play a New Jersey couple “who get[s] sucked into the glamour and intrigue of New York City in the 1980s.” James Van Der Beek aka DAWSON!! is gonna play Peters’ boss, a “financial kingpin” named Matt.

The cast announcement comes on the heels of an earlier one this week, which revealed that Pose would feature at least five trans actors in its castthe greatest number of trans series regulars on a single show ever. They include Angelica Ross, Indya Moore, MJ Rodriguez, Dominique Jackson, and Hailie Sahar.

In addition to all that onscreen talent, there are a number of trans people working on Pose off camera, as well. Janet Mock and Our Lady J number among the writers, Leiomy Maldonado will serve as a choreographer, and Silas Howard is set to executive produce.

Photography byAndrew Toth/FilmMagic/Getty Images

This Black Vs. LGBTQ Struggle Is Boring. Oh, And Stop Using Jesus For Bigotry

The type of person who partakes in the game of oppression Olympics is the sort of individual I encourage to find the nearest tarpit and promptly leap their tired ass into it.

Conversely, if you are a member of a marginalized group, and instead of empathizing with other marginalized people, join the majority and assist them in their efforts to discriminate and/or oppress the most vulnerable of the population, you are a waste of the gift of life.

Suffice to say, with respect to the Black people assisting white evangelicals in their pursuit to find legal protections for their anti-gay biases, I wish them nothing but pain and suffering for the rest of their miserable lives.

Tony Perkins is an ordained minister that wouldn’t know Jesus if he spit in his mouth in utter disgust. Perkins is also the president of the Family Research Council, a conservative policy and lobbying organization that purports to be addressing various “social problems” like abortion and LGBTQ rights.

In other words, they are a bunch of faux Jesus freaks who pretend to be of God when they are trying to legalize various levels of prejudice. Some folks like to profess turning the other cheek when met with bigots of this ilk, but I believe they should bury their heads in the ass cheeks of dead baboons.

Actually, never mind. The dead baboons have suffered enough, but you get where I’m going.

You see, Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council really, really hate that Frank Ocean and I have the legal right to marry in the United States of America. Worse, they loathe that there are laws that forbid people like baker Jack Phillips from refusing to serve wedding cakes to Frank and me on religious grounds. This December, Philipps and other Christians of convenience will appear before the Supreme Court to plead for the right to refuse service to gay people due to their faith.

Recently, by way of a press release, Perkins announced that “Jack will have the support of several African Americans.”

More: “Yesterday, a group of black leaders made that quite clear in a special press conference on the steps of the Supreme Court. Tired of hearing the LGBT community compare its experience to the real suffering of the civil rights movement, church and civic leaders decided to speak out about why Jack’s case matters. FRC’s Dean Nelson and FRC Action’s Patrina Mosley spoke, sharing deeply personal stories about the pain and prejudice their families experienced over the color of their skin. Patrina talked about how insulting it is to hear LGBT activists equate their ‘persecution’ to generations of African Americans.”

They even have a lil’ site, too: What a perfectly good waste of space on Al Gore’s expansive internet. In any event, these wayward Negroes did indeed hold a press conference.

Most of them were conservative Black pastors, which suggests that inside these churches are choirs as trashy as the politics of their minister.

Not to be outdone, a woman by the name of Janet Boynes spoke. Boynes, is the founder of a Minneapolis-based ministry that offers “spiritual guidance for those who choose to walk away from homosexuality.” Let Boynes tell it, she is an “ex-lesbian.” She’s probably thinking about the last time she had some good vagina on her breath at this very moment.

But back to the matter at hand of these dimwitted Black people allowing Perkins, a man once accused of having ties to white supremacists and once purchased Klansman David Duke’s mailing list for a Louisiana political campaign he was managing, to use their race to fuel his anti-gay agenda.

Rev. Dean Nelson claimed: “The government exists to protect those who have diverse opinions and viewpoints, not to punish them.”

What remarkable words to hear from a Black man of a certain age who isn’t too far removed from the days of Jim Crow. Never mind that in 2017, we live under a white supremacist U.S. president who is actively using the law to attack minorities. This man is chairman of a group named after Frederick Douglass. May the ghost of Douglass (does y’all’s president know now that he’s been dead?) haunt Nelson all damn weekend.

Rev. William Avon Keen said: “We had to fight for equal treatment because of the color of our skin. Christians should not be forced to support sin.”

We do not live in a theocracy, you sanctified simpleton, therefore your selective readings of dogma are irrelevant as we live by a constitution that all men are created equal (allegedly). By the way, Jesus Christ is far more personable with sinners than you seem to be. How “Two Corinthians” of you, pastor.

Then there was Boynes, who probably is still thinking about vagina, that argued: “I resent having my race compared to what other people do in bed. There is no comparison. It only trivializes racial discrimination.”

Everyone echoed Boynes sentiments and that is what you primarily find on You will see images comparing black and white water fountains and a reference to LGBTQ rainbow with the claim “one of them didn’t happen.” They also quote Alveda King, Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece that’s a Republican, anti-gay, and constantly snuggled under the bosom of white supremacy. She probably never gets invited to King family functions.

As for their claims that the LGBTQ movement is not like the Civil Rights movement: so?

Even if you believe that, do LGBTQ people have to be enslaved in order to deserve equal rights? As someone Black and gay, my struggles in this country related to being Black do not mirror those as a gay man, but in some cases they are similar enough and they occasionally intersect. If anything, Black people should know not to repeat the mistakes of racist white people. Anyone who doesn’t get this, doesn’t want to.

This Black versus LGBTQ struggle debate is boring, irrational, and a waste of a critical thinking person’s time. Tony Perkins is a racist and a homophobe with a bigoted agenda only intended to benefit white, heterosexual protestants. The people who support him are fools no matter what your racial background is.

That said, if you are a Black person helping his cause, you’re the biggest fool around.

Here’s a Quick Resume of Every Trans Actor on Ryan Murphy’s ‘Pose’

Ryan Murphy, the TV mogul behind American Horror Story, American Crime Story, Glee and Scream Queens continues his reign with a brand new show, Pose, which boasts the largest cast of transgender actors in TV history.

The show, set in New York City in the 1980s, will be written by trans author and activist Janet Mock.

The cast came together after a six-month long nationwide search, and they each carry hefty resumes. Here’s where you’ve seen them before.

Angelica Ross

Ross is an author and writer who has appeared in Transparent, Claws and the Laverne-Cox-starring Doubt. She’s also the star of the Emmy-nominated web series Her Story. Her segment on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah won a GLAAD Award in 2017.

MJ Rodriguez

Photography: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Rodriguez plays Bianca. She has appeared in Nurse Jackie, Luke Cage and The Carrie Diaries. Her film, Saturday Church, debuted at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival.

Indya Moore

©@geyavek while w̶h̶y̶ I’m here ?̶ ̶

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Moore, who plays Elektra, was also in Saturday Church with Rodriguez. She’s also a fashion model who has been profiled by NBC News. Moore, 22, has been modeling since she was 15.

Dominique Jackson

Jackson is a fashion model who has been a fixture on the reality show Strut. She’s also an author of the book The Transsexual from Tobago.

Hailie Sahar

@mcctheater order your tickets online to see the hit show of #charm #nyc #newyork

A post shared by SAHAR (@hailiesahar) on

Sahar has been featured on Transparent and Mr. Robot. She was also a part of the play Charm, which played at the Lucile Lortel theater in New York.

Lead Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

A Disney Channel Character Is Going to Come Out

I was never a Disney Channel person growing up, so I never saw Even Stevens or Lizzie McGuire. While I know plenty of queer people who love these shows, there apparently was never an out character on any of them. Makes sense, since it was the 2000s, when gay people apparently never existed!

Deadline reports that 13-year-old Cyrus Goodman on its Utah-set show Andi Mack will have a coming-out journey in the season’s one-hour premiere.

Andi Mack is a story about ‘tweens’ figuring out who they are,” Disney Channel said in a statement.
On top of Cyrus coming out, he also has feelings for the boy that main character Andi likes.



I’ve never seen the show, but apparently it’s about a girl named Andi, who finds out that the girl she thought was her older sister is actually her mother. Wow, Disney, giving me Desperate Housewives-esque plots!

Photography courtesy of Disney Channel.

Historic Court Ruling Says Missouri Gay Man Has Right to Sue Employer for Discrimination

A Missouri federal court issued a historic ruling Wednesday stating that a gay man has the right to sue his employer for discrimination.

A three-judge panel from the Missouri Court of Appeals claimed that the state’s prohibition on gender-based bias in the workplace applies to “all employees, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.” Judge Anthony Rex Gabbert claimed that LGBTQ people often face discrimination based on noncompliance with expectations of their sex.

“If an employer mistreats a male employee because the employer deems the employee insufficiently masculine, it is immaterial whether the male employee is gay or straight,” Gabbert wrote.

The case was first brought forward by Harold Lampley in 2014, a former employee in the State of Missouri’s Office of Child Support Enforcement Division. Lampley claims that his bosses treated him differently because his gender presentation “contradicted… stereotypes of maleness.” He further alleges that superiors scored him more negatively on performance evaluations after complaining about the homophobia he experienced.

Lampley’s case was initially dismissed by the Missouri Human Rights Commission, which claimed that he has no standing because its Human Rights Act doesn’t enumerate protections on the basis of sexual orientation. Numerous attempts to add that identity category in the state codes have stalled in the legislature.

The Court of Appeals effectively reversed the commission’s decision.

Gabbert wrote that the ruling “simply recognizes the manifold ways sex discrimination manifests itself,” citing the Supreme Court’s 1989 ruling in Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins as precedent. SCOTUS ruled that a female executive could claim discrimination on the basis of sex stereotyping if she was a victim of bias due to having an “unfeminine” appearance.

Missouri judges claimed that the state’s Human Rights Commission is compelled by law to issue Lampley a right-to-sue letter, one that will allow his case to move forward.

Advocates in Missouri championed the ruling, the first-of-its kind in the Show-Me State.

“This is an important step forward to protecting LGBTQ Missourians from discrimination in the workplace,” said Steph Perkins, executive director of the LGBTQ group PROMO, in a press release. “We are grateful to see that the courts are recognizing LGBT discrimination for what it isunlawful and wrong.”

Missouri is one of 30 states that lack statewide protections on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation. Others include Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Photography: Getty Images / Raymond Boyd